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Our Team

Richard Bolinger

Richard has been one of the most knowledgeful personality on the floor. With this core knowledge in business management and love for freedom of expression through words makes him eligible to hold the position of lead editor and writer. Richard is a super active personality, internet freak, and General social media buff, and an unapologetic twitter geek. His vast experience in business trends and analytics make him a thorough economic columnist.

Phone: +1 888-632-6414

Glenna Palmer

Glenna after graduating from university with an engineering degree, she now dedicatedly works on the latest technologies that can actually make this world a better place to live. Glenna is an animal lover and loses her temper if things against the environment. Her majority of the articles are related to technology with reference to ecology. She handles the technological stuff for our platform and has no replacement for her dedication and expertise in technological understanding.

Phone: +1 888-237-5540

James Nipp

James is teased as a “disciple of Einstein” for his work and interpreting abilities along with the reference of science. He is an early joiner of the editorial team and huge exposure of scientific protocols and phenomenon. He is a senior writer and contributes with immense mastery on science. He is also unapologetic twitter geek, music specialist, wannabe thinker, and social media ninja. His dedication to sports makes his personality cool and vibrant at work.

Phone: +1 888-808-3695

Mary Fleming

Mary has been a columnist purposely for health care. She has been managing the health and wellbeing category since years, delivering in detail reporting of various innovation and development in the healthcare industry. She also covers some decisive interviews and surveys arranged with medical professionals and organization. When not on the desk, she can be contacted at the cafeteria for her unapologetic coffee love. She is a reader, thinker, and traveler, which she does only for fetching, collating of knowledge and lastly for peace.

Phone: +1 888-336-6874