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Toyota MR2 Can Be Re-Launched As An Electric Sports Vehicle

Toyota is mulling over following up the launch of the new Supra with a revitalization of the MR2, potentially as an electric car. Talking at the Paris Motor Show conducted this month, Matt Harrison (vice president of marketing and sales) claimed that the form is at the “discussion phase” with the car, but verified that it is a favored capable addition to the product strategy.

Harrison also suggested that the brand’s supposed “Three Brothers” namely the Celica coupé, Supra, and MR2 are the pillar of the firm. The Supra is soon to be rolled out and the GT86 is the modern day’s Celica, leaving only the MR2. Toyota has already signaled at a smaller sports vehicle with the 2015 S-FR idea, which was motivated by the 1965 S800 sports coupé. Other alternatives can comprise a platform-sharing joint business with different makers wanting to roll out a relatively mid-engined cheap vehicle, engineering its own petrol-hybrid or petrol mid-engined car.

On a related note, the luxury vehicle department of, Lexus, earlier claimed that it is surveying the likelihood of setting up assembly plants in India. “I am not aware as to when it will take place but we are surveying. Taxation is so difficult so we are now surveying,” Yoshihiro Sawa, President of Lexus, claimed to the reporters in an interview.

He was answering a question that if the Japanese company was also seeking at having assembly plants in India similar to what its rivals have in the nation. When inquired about the tax formation in India, he claimed, “It is an issue but ultimately, the government preserved the present circumstance, which is fine for us, so we can carry on our business.” He also claimed that now India has turned out to be very lively and the leadership seems unbelievable.