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Apple Charts Show Less Enthusiasm In Customers For The Hottest iPhones

Apple is at present in a huge displeasure owing to the sale of its current mobile pieces. The company had launched the iPhone XR in the dawn and found its stocks to remain stagnant even as time passed by. The latest iPhone models are showing no signs of being brought by its savvy users as compared to the previous years. The new generation Apple phones are no longer exciting the crowd anymore.

Apple is in a great question mark owing to the sudden change that is the dramatic decrease in its sales. There has been no pre-ordering or after the sale of the iPhones even in the Apple stores on the first day which is a new case in the history of the company. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have shown very little sales in the past years. Thus, overall the Apple market seems to have been in the loss for the past few months. The buzz generated following the iPhone release is seen no more. The earlier spikes in the sales have gone down drastically this year owing to the maturing customers and market demand as per the current generation. The Apple iPhones seems to have reached the saturation point along with a dawdling pace in the innovation sector. However, the company still hopes to achieve a single-digit growth in sales even though not a super cycle. The banner features, camera qualities, displays are all found in every phone that too at a reasonable price which is why the Apple phones’ sales seem to be sagging. Apple still plans on pouring money into R&D for discovering the next big thing.

According to Apple, with ARKit the apps can be made more knowledgeable using the power of machine learning along with Core ML. The users can make use of ARKit for experiencing an unbelievable augmented reality effect while using iPads, iPhones, and more. The AR ecosystem utilized in the iOS 11 helps deliver better apps experience in the field of gaming, education, and healthcare.