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Oumuamua Sightings Powered The Search For Aliens In Space

Astronomers that were surprised by a strange object from interstellar space that they nicknamed Oumuamua are now considering it to be an alien craft made by creatures from outer space or extraterrestrials. The object which till recently was being regarded as an oblong asteroid or just another discarded piece of space rock as it was observed only after it had sped past by collection of telescopes on Hawaiian Islands, was declared by head of astronomy department at Harvard University as a possible artificial structure. In a paper Mr. Avi Loeb co-wrote that as the structure of Oumuamua is strange and unusual scientists should start considering it a vessel from outer space.

This declaration filled some of his colleagues with surprise while some were dismissive. But the idea took root in scientific circles as mainstream people started talking about the paper and discussed possibilities about how an alien spacecraft could be designed to capture power of sunlight within it. Though Loeb recognizes the fact that scientists in general do not believe in existence of UFO’s but that does not mean that they do not exist as some of them could be prejudiced due to past experiences.

It was obvious since the Oumuamua was sighted that it would create controversy as several astronomers considered it to be from outside solar system due to its unusual shape and trajectory. This is the reason why it was named Oumuamua which in Hawaiian language stands for “messenger from the past”. Astronomer Karen Meech stated that it was an elongated object with 7 to 1 axis ratio and was almost shaped like an enormous cigar. Loeb has said in the paper that it was like a flattened disk. Now increasing number of scientists and astronomers are considering Oumuamua to be an alien craft as it had no signs of comet-style tail and at 1000 feet length it was relatively small to usual asteroids.