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Ex Tumblr Users Resort Twitter, Patreon After Tumblr Banned Adult Content

Tumblr has been one of the most welcoming social media platforms, which has never restricted the people or organizations from expressing their feelings regardless of the genre they belong to. Now, with the other social media handles taking stricter actions against the sexual contents and other such posts, Tumblr has also steered the direction of its operation. It has now banned the adult content, alienating some of the power users and compelling the others to visit other sites.

Most of the sites, social media networks, mobile operators, and others have decided to ban that porn sites and restrict posting adult contents on their respective platforms. Verizon, parented by Yahoo, has decided to remove all such contents that have a flavor of porn in it like erotica, nudity, and others. However, the educational contents that need certain contents related to the banned portions will be allowed.

Wil Wheaton, an actor and writer stated that he is amazed to learn the endeavor of the people to check on the porn contents. The intensity is so dense that the users are even ready to shift the platform with no hesitation.

A spokesperson from the company stated that Tumblr has always opened its gateway to the people from every category but will now take care of the vital systems that are sabotaging the social welfare. Also, it will ensure the important conversations are not silenced due to the impact of the latest regulations.

Some of the users are also harassed as several of their posts have been flagged as unsafe and removed from the view. However, the authority has confirmed those posts are not deleted as the members have put in their hard work and effort to write the posts for the welfare of the people. As a result, several hashtags like #TumblrMigration, #TumblrLogOff, #TumblrPurge are coming up.