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SpaceX Launches Its GPS Satellite Successfully

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has reached the orbit using a satellite developed to beam high range positioning, navigation & timing signals across the world, giving civilians and military people with more précised data which is resistant to the rising jamming threats. This satellite was successfully launched on Sunday called as GPS3 SV01 & nicknamed as “Vespucci” after the Italian explorer named Amerigo Vespucci. This is first new gen of satellite designed for improved services & longer lifetimes that ensures the military carried network available for the pilots, sailors, troops and other public for coming decades. This 229-feet long Falcon9 launcher has lifted off the satellite from the launch pad of Cape Canaveral Complex 40 at 8:51am after many delays over last 5 days, including the countdowns stopped to check the sensors at the first stage of rocket and by the poor weather in Florida’s spaceport.

 The countdown on Sunday was the final one, when the team approved to load chilled kerosene & liquid oxygen into two staged rocket before 35minutes of its liftoff. During some minutes of this final countdown, the satellite inside nose of Falcon 9 launcher was switched on to the internal battery supply, and the automated countdown of rocket thermally conditioned main engines of the booster, completed the final steering check & pressurized propellant tanks used to lift it off. The Falcon9 flew northeast away from Space Coast of Florida, propelled by about 1.7 Mn pounds thrust in its first stage burn which lasted for three minutes. The officials of Air force reported that Falcon9 launched with satellites may include the first stage landing; still the managers wouldn’t commit such decision before checking the performance of rocket. SpaceX has provided a live camera view from upper stage when it was travelling away from the Earth, showing curvature of planet’s horizon.