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NASA’s InSight Lander Placed Seismometer On Mars

The mission of NASA, the American space agency, to head towards the Red Planet has started deploying its instruments. The mission is named InSight and has initiated its second phase as the robotic arm of the lander has already placed the seismometer package, which is shaped like a bell, on the ground. It has placed the package in front of the lander and is about to start the necessary investigations. It is amalgamated with a heat probe, which is supposed to bury under the ground. This spacecraft will be the first to understand how Mars wobbles on its axis. This is a very sensitive experiment and the scientists are hoping to achieve success in the endeavor.

The seismometer package is impregnated with a wide range of sensors that are developed in the UK and France. This set of sensors will listen to the Marsquakes and other movements of the planet. This endeavor expects InSight to realize the internal structure of the planet. In fact, the scientists are hoping this mission to uncover various mysterious pieces of information of the Red Planet as well as space. In November, InSight has touched down close to the equator of the world.

NASA InSight has tweeted that seismometer is already placed on the surface of Mars and the team is hopeful that with the help of the SEIS, it will be able to hear the Marsquakes and feel the heartbeat of the planet.

The scientists will conjugate all the pieces of information and will deduce a set of comprehensive pieces of information about the Red Planet, which includes the position as well as the nature of all the layers of rock below the top surface of the planet. This information will then be compared to that of Earth to delve deeper into the data available.