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iPhones Users Can Automate Tasks With Launch Center Pro Using NFC

Finally, now, the iPhone users are getting a powerful and convenient feature that was long been open for Android phone users: the capability to hit an NFC tag and have their phone automatically carry out particular actions, such as playing music or opening an app. Support for NFC tags arrived with the latest iPhones, and Launch Center Pro is the foremost key app to take benefit of it, letting users activate essentially whatever action they want with some catches.

Together with the NFC support, the latest Launch Center Pro has a huge fix for the 3.0 release. One important amongst them is a switch to a freemium model. Novel users will be more restricted in the functioning they can access, while present paid customers will have the ability to keep all they have been able to do until now. Old and new users can buy the 3.0 additions such as NFC or other app icons as per the availability and depending on which ones they want to buy.

On a similar note, recently, Apple came into the news as a lawsuit was filed against it in the U.S. court. According to the lawsuit, Apple made wrong declarations about the pixel counts and screen sizes of the displays in its iPhone X series. This suit is filed last week in the District Court of Northern California. It claims that the Cupertino, California-headquartered technology firm provided wrong information regarding the screen sizes of iPhone XS, iPhone X, and iPhone XS Max phones.

The lawsuit states that the firm counted the non-screen areas such as the corners and notch. The two applicants who submitted the lawsuit are looking for class action status. The lawsuit claims that the firm is wrongly marketing the latest line of iPhones as “all screen.” For instance, iPhone X has the screen size of approximately 5.6875 inches, however, the firm claims it as 5.8 inches, the complaint affirmed.