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Google’s Playground AR Camera Effects App Made Available For Other Android Phones

With the Pixel 2, AR Stickers were launched by Google and upgraded it to the Playground and rolled it out with the successor Pixel 3. Although older Pixel devices had received these stickers, they were not accessible on any device outside the lineup of Google, so far. But now, one can have them functioning on any smartphone operating on Android Pie, owing to the producers at XDA Developers.

This is predominantly the efforts of Arnova8G2, contributor and XDA member—the identical member who brought the official Google Camera application to other devices. The previous port received features such as Night Sight to other devices, whereas, with this latest port, one can get Playground on their Android Pie device. All one needs to do is get an APK file installed that functions without root—thereby, making it handy for numerous users.

To note, the Google Playground port will function only on devices with AR support and one may desire to ensure if their device is on this listing prior to going further. If one’s device is supported, they may have to head and download the ARCore from Google Play Store by Google application. Once the ARCore app is downloaded, one can progress and download on their smartphone the modded Playground App.

Likewise, Google’s Gboard also keeps on receiving updates and thus, is getting better and better. Gboard, in recent times, has received updates for things such as custom-made emojis and to suggest better GIFs dependent on one’s talk. Now, Google declared that the software keyboard is getting to more individuals than ever owing to the support for up to 500 languages.

As per the search giant, Gboard’s objective is to assist users to converse in ways that are natural and comfortable—thus, it seems right that Gboard would back several languages. Since its launch in December 2016 on Android, around 400 languages have been included to the platform.