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Apple is Hiring Number Of Doctors for Escalation In Its Health Technology

As per the sources familiar with the company’s recruitment, Apple has hired a number of doctors for its various departments expressing seriousness about the health tech.

The hires could help Apple to encourage healthcare as it is looking to develop and incorporate new health technologies into its gadgets including Apple iPhone, Watch, and iPad. According to the sources, Apple would be going to build different applications that can help users with serious medical issues and not just for gratifying health-conscious people as many have contemplated.

According to the people familiar with the duties of doctors, these recruitments are not just for exhibition. Most of them haven’t revealed their job at Apple at all, Earlier also, Rajiv Kumar—Stanford pediatrician—has worked in Apple for several years. CNBC had found out 20 physicians working for Apple through LinkedIn and other sources familiar.

According to Linkedin search results, other tech companies such as Amazon also Alphabet has also employed physicians, cardiologists, and surgeons.

Apple’s sincerity regarding helping people managing health problems is appearing through the initiative of hiring a number of doctors by the company.

Recently, Apple hired Sharat Kusuma, an orthopedic surgeon, to manage its collaboration with Zimmer Biomet, medical device maker to understand if technology provided by Apple can be able to help recovering patients looking for hip and knee replacement surgeries. LinkedIn profile of Kusuma states that he is leading the team.

At the time of the announcement of its electrocardiogram sensor to track the heartbeat, the company also created a website for interactions between the patients and physicians. So, the doctors can correctly guide the patients.

The doctors have been recruited by Apple in various sectors across the organization. The company is majorly focusing on Apple watch, which includes sub-departments such as health sensors to be integrated into the watch, health record group, along with other research and development group.