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Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Can Beat SpaceX

It has been around 14 years now since the Virgin Galactic and Richard Branson are striving hard in an attempt to take people into the space. After its hard earned efforts, the company is at such a point where it can beat the other rivals like SpaceX led by Elon Musk, and Blue Origin earned by Jeff Bezos by crossing this major milestone. The company has said that, it might be conducting 4th consecutive test flight on coming Thursday by launching its popular SpaceShipTwo plane M.A.S.P from California.

However, the company has not yet revealed the exact moment when the launching window will be opened, but taking into consideration the airspace closures that are listed by F.A.A, it should be happening somewhere in between 7 in the morning and the afternoon PT. In the testing flight that will be carried out, it could be seen that the huge carrier plane of Virgin Galactic will be taking off from the Mojave base. It will carry the VSS Unity along with it. After this Unity goes up to a certain height, it will get detached and will fire its auxiliary rockets after few seconds which will shoot it around 50 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Technically speaking, that region which the rocket will enter into is the mesosphere. This is the region which is just below the boundary of a region called space (around 60 miles above the surface of the Earth). The company has said in its statement that the pilots of the plane will feel like they have entered the space. If this mission planned out by the company becomes successful, the company will be earning the rights of being the 1st commercial flight to send the humans into Space (or near the Space) without getting any support from Government owned space agency.