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Nitro-Infused Cold Coffee at the U.S. Starbucks Stores

Starbucks Delivers will now deliver coffee with nitro to all its customers.

You don’t have to go out for your morning coffee. Starbucks plans to partner with Uber Eats in a few of its U.S. stores from next year.  About 2,000 stores will make use of Uber Eats to provide this facility. Starbucks Delivers is the pilot program that will now function with this facility. Seven more areas will be covered soon.

With health given top priority, preferences have changed and Starbucks is making use of the current trend. Cold coffee that is nitrogen infused comes out of a tap at Starbucks

Nitro was introduced in Seattle at Starbucks and made a great hit. Starbuck made use of this and expanded with 500 more stores in just a year. The company now plans to offer cold brew with nitro at all its locations, by the end of the coming year.

As Frappucino sales are seen to drop, Starbucks expansion plans are now targeted with cold brew coffee with nitro-infusion. Cold drinks are now sought by more customers as a cold brew, iced espresso and refresher juices, which are increasing beverage growth at Starbucks, says its Chief Operating Officer Roz Brewer.

The company-operated store now has taps that serve nitro. It is a visual treat feel customers, when nitro is filled into a glass. Blended coffee will also be part of the Starbucks expansion to be offered next year.

It has an integrated app, by which customers can make use of gift cards from Starbucks and order merchandise too.

Starbucks offers new blended drinks and expands its cold drink portfolio. Making use of its China experience, Starbucks Delivers will operate with the same theme. Spill-proof lids are provided to keep the content from spilling. The containers will be kept hot and with speedy delivery will try to keep up with customer preference.