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Store Credit Dedicated Crypto Mining Is What Razer Expects From Gamers

The Razer gaming hardware manufacturer wants its players to download software that uses cryptos with their inactive computers. But users will not be able to keep the digital parts generated with their machines, nor will Razer get anything out of it.

According to the company, players using the Razer extraction software on their machines will contribute to the creation of a platform called GammaNow, of which Razer is a partner. GammaNow manages cryptocurrency that is mined which comprises Ether, Ethereum blockchain’s native token and Razer will be with paid a fee to convince its customers to contribute to the energy calculation. Users will get loyalty points called Silver and can be used in the form of discounts on Razer products.

“The cryptos that will be created through this program won’t be added in Razer account nor in the user side,” Kevin Allen, Razer spokesman said in a conversation. “We will receive a third party costs to creating cryptocurrency.”

GammaNow is a gaming-centered platform where users take cryptocurrency with their inactive computers and Gamma gets points that can be redeemed against rewards such as skins and sports tickets. According to a Razer e-mail publication, GammaNow has purchased Razer Silver and the prizes are awarded directly to users through the platform, the statement said.

Mining software, called SoftMiner, caused confusion and anger during the announcement on Wednesday, but especially confusion among social media users. Crypto extraction is a resource-intensive procedure that needs computers, especially those with graphics cards designed to restore newer games to be busy with numbers 24/7 in exchange for newly created digital tokens. It is hard for the hardware and it consumer large units of electricity.

Crypto extraction is a booming industry, but Allen said, “It’s something that will stay if you have a profitable business model.”