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Storage Standards For Unmaintained Vaccines Lift Questions On Its Quality

Ventura County Health Care Agency in California was not able to maintain the standards of vaccines. While trying to rectify a potential vaccine mistake, they went ahead in making several such mistakes.

In the October 2017, the officials of the agency informed that the vaccines were getting warm while being transported to the clinic. To solve the problem, the health care unit started using ice packs to send the medicine. During a survey held in November of the same year, it was found that the ice was reducing the effectiveness of the injections. The medics felt the need to re- immunize the patients who took the vaccine which came in the faulty package.

Jason Arimura, who is the director of the Ventura County pharmacy, informed that it has not been confirmed that ice packs reduced the effectiveness of vaccines. He informed this is a preventative step to avoid any potential health issues caused by the same. This additional immunity dose is supposed to be given to 23000 patients. Besides this case, the Indian Health Service clinic of Oklahoma City also compromised the health of almost 117 children. This incident took place in past 13 months. It is estimated that kids suffering from meningococcal disease, human papilloma virus and polio received the faulty vaccines. Here the issue was inappropriate refrigeration of the injections. Similar kind of temperature control issue has been identified at hospital at Oklahoma City. The agency had send letters to almost 1600 patients to re-immunize them. This has been reported by a local newspaper.

On February 1, 2019, Kentucky authorities informed that infected injections have been found across the health care units of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. They have not informed how many people have been infected in this incident. It seems all the healthcare units are not following the federal government standards.