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McDonald’s Swears To Eliminate Antibiotic Overuse In The Beef Industry

On certain occasions, it is better to make use of a corporate so as to help make a difference in the way things work in the entire system. The company’s influence genuinely can help make a lot of positive impact. The CREDO,  U.S. PIRG Education Fund, Consumers Union, and Food Animal Concerns Trust has sent about 160,000 petition signatures or more to the food giant McDonald’s headquarters so as to compel the company to  cut down on the routine use of enormous amounts of antibiotic in its meat supply.

This issue was taken up in the company’s annual shareholder meeting as well by putting forth a big hamburger for proving how much of a difference the food outlet can make and have a major impact on the excess of antibiotics used in the beef industry. Most importantly is that McDonald’s corporate believes in sticking to its scale of good as the largest restaurant company across the globe. The idea of forbidding the overuse of antibiotics in the industrial farms is kind of a golden opportunity for McDonald’s to actually showcase that it generally puts principles into practices. Major of the antibiotics that are good for humans are instead used for food-producing animals in the US. The FDA has circled in on the beef industry as it has been found to become the largest purchaser of the antibiotics that is about 43% of its sales are to the meat industry.

The antibiotics are given not only to the sick but also the strong ones so as to increase their survival chances but in the long run, even though the weak bacteria are killed the resistant ones tend to survive and spread. This is the main reason for animal-borne disease epidemic. These negatives of industrial production and farming practices have to be changed to mitigate disease naturally. The change has already rippled throughout the chicken industry. McDonald needs to take this matter seriously and attach a concrete timeline so as to get hold of the accountable. Earlier McDonald’s had already set deadlines for the antibiotics issue in the U.S. chicken supply so as eliminate the misuse. This change has already caused a ripple in the entire chicken industry alongside various restaurants and Tyson Foods, who also is on the same page.