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Trump Representatives Promote Coal, Fossil Fuel At COP24

While the whole world is trying to cut down on usage of fossil fuels to control climate change, President Trump’s representatives arrived at climate talks in Poland to promote coal and other fossil fuels. Energy adviser Wells Griffith is also expected to take part in the COP24 event in which participants are expected to call for an end to usage of coal as an energy source due to high levels of pollution caused by it. The meeting has investors managing $32 trillion assets ask for end to fossil fuels and also ministers for around 130 nations.

At the previous climate talks in Bonn the White House representatives had shown strong support for fossil fuels stating that they will present clean and efficient ways of using fossil fuels along with how to apply emission free nuclear energy. The event last year was disrupted by protesters that were keen to show that pro-fossil fuel lobbyists should not be a part of climate talks during the UN event. The meeting this year has environmentalists questioning the stance of US officials in this event as it will further undermine their credibility as a party to these climate related discussions.

The event endorsed by White House seems a little out of place as campaigners of climate change are likely to call for greater action to reduce rising temperatures with the use of assets from world’s biggest funds comprising of names like BNP Paribas, Schrodersplc, Aberdeen Standard Investments and UBS Asset Management. New York Comptroller Thomas P. Di Napoli who oversees $207 billion New York State Common Retirement fund said that despite Trump’s misguided policies about fossil fuels, the global efforts to manage the existing threat of climate risk to economy, financial markets and returns on investments will continue. He affirmed that their team will remain committed to climate goals that were discussed during Paris Agreement.