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Verizon Extends Access To High-Speed Internet In 54 Nations

Verizon has extended authorization to high-speed data in 54 extra nations in its TravelPass initiative for users who are ready to additional extra. The initiative permits travelers to pay a flat charge every day for authorization to texting, high-speed data, and calling. New nations comprise Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia.

With the new extension, TravelPass is now accessible in 185 nations all over the globe, only 10 short of comprising every single nation on Earth. You receive 0.5 GB of high-speed data every day, and if you go beyond that amount, you have the choice of purchasing more 0.5 GB.

Verizon users can receive TravelPass by sending a message with TRAVEL word to 4004, or they can visit online or via the carrier’s application to register. It has a price tag of $10 each day to utilize, except in Mexico and Canada where it only has a price tag of $5. If you skip employing TravelPass for a single day, you will not be charged for that day, as you only get charge for days where you are employing using your handset to text, call, or browse the Internet.

On a related note, Charter Communications earlier launched out its gigabit service in Reno-Sparks. This will offer businesses and residents one more alternative for high-speed Internet service in the region. The Spectrum Business Internet Gig for businesses and Spectrum Internet Gig by Charter for residential clients offer connections speeds of almost 1 Gigabit for each second. The service comes without data limitation and will have a price tag of $104.99 on a monthly basis for new residential clients and $249.99 monthly basis for business owners.

The service plans to meet rising user demand for faster broadband speeds and networks, claimed chairman and CEO of Charter Communications, Tom Rutledge, to the media in an interview.