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Twitter And Facebook Take Measures Against Predictim

Facebook is probing, and Twitter has banned, Predictim, an application that assists parents examine prospective babysitters by analyzing their activity on social media.

Parents who are about to leave their child or children with a babysitter alone actually wish to know if there is anything they must be concerned about. Predictim provides a service that examines social media accounts of a prospective babysitter to find references to violence, drugs, or something else that parents might find undesirable or unsettling. Lastly, it then offers the individual a score recommending whether or not they might be safe to appoint.

Facebook has begun to probe the application, and has withdrawn access to consumers, with a spokesperson claiming that “Scraping individual’s data on Facebook is not in favor of our terms of service.” Facebook is probing whether to entirely ban Predictim from its website, as the firm is supposedly scraping public Facebook info to fuel its algorithms.

On a similar note, earlier Twitter banned 2 accounts connected to 12 Russian spies prosecuted by Robert Mueller (the Special Counsel) for meddling in the U.S. presidential election of 2016. Previously, a federal grand jury accused the 12 intelligence officers of Russia with hacking computer systems of the Democrat in 2016 in the most thorough US allegation yet that claimed Moscow interfered in the election to assist Republican Donald Trump.

Twitter claimed that it had banned the accounts @Guccifer_2 and @DCLeaks_ that were referred in the indictment, which blames a broad-ranging conspiracy concerning staged release and sophisticated hacking of documents. The indictment blames that the conspirators issued thousands of stolen documents and emails employing fabricated online personas, comprising Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks

In an interview, a spokesperson of Twitter claimed: “The accounts have been banned for being linked to a series of accounts earlier linked for involving in infringement of our regulations.”