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Over 100 AFM Illness Cases Reported By CDC; Effects Seen In 31 States

An illness is prevalent in the United States and is has oddly many similarities with other illnesses such as the polio and the effects of the same are as bad as anyone could imagine. This illness is not sickening but also paralyzing many people and mainly children, and the fact that this is on the rise as nearly 116 cases of the same have been confirmed in this year itself, is a matter of sheer concern. The illness is named as acute flaccid myelitis, and is commonly known as AFM.

According to the reports obtained from the health officials recently, the latest number, as far as the confirmed cases of the AFM are concerned, has already spread across nearly 31 states, and the numbers are actually double than what was reported in the month of October, by the CDC, which is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The latest filings were released by the CDC recently, on this Monday, and the results were shared afterwards.

As per the CDC, there is more to the story as nearly 170 possible cases of the same illness are still unconfirmed and are still under the investigation, and hopefully the results will be out soon. This illness is quite rare and is a very serious neurological condition which causes the muscles of the patient’s body to become weaker. This illness is said to affect the children only, generally, and the average age of the patients is 4 years. Adults have been mostly found safe from the AFM, as per the reports that have been analyzed until now.

Although there is no vaccine treatment for the same, unlike polio, the health officials have asked the people to get medical help as soon as possible, in order to manage the illness effectively till the time further solutions are found.