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Facebook Testing New Ability To Hide Comments With Censored Words

There are many users that desire to keep some sort of content to stay away from the Facebook wall, for them there is good news that the company is testing something like that.

Jane Manchun Wong, a student, Computer science, found a piece of code on Facebook that shows that the company is on testing the capability to put a hold on certain words, emojis and phrases from showing on the user’s timeline. Engadget executives approached Facebook for the confirmation regarding these new features but have got no responses from them.

Wong, a computer science student with an extensive record of reverse engineering the application finding hidden features shared an image of the talked feature in real action. In the images, it showcases a menu that makes the Facebook users be capable of blocking the posts and comments that has specific terminologies.

However, the feature does not help in avoiding the post from being made, the person who posts it and the people in its friend list will still be capable of seeing it, but the feature will definitely save you the hassle of dealing with it on your own.

This sort of framework looks like less ideal than the one through which the people can simply block the people from posting anything on the person’s wall, when they are using certain specific words, however, there are a lot of hurdles that can arise from the fact that you are allowing the person to block some content.

The final rollout of the feature might have a different approach of handling the things. Instagram, the app owned by Facebook has the same sort of filtering framework that makes the users hide the comments that have certain words but it cannot prevent them from making the comments. The platform as well automatically blocks the bullying comments from showing on the wall.