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Facebook Agrees That A Bug Is Responsible For The Reported Issue

Facebook users are mentioning a strange bug that has come from the past, random messenger threads of years old are popping up automatically, without any explanation or content.

The issue was initially mentioned by a user on Twitter, on which the company confirms that the older messages are now again started treating as new. The unread ones are now resurfacing in the Messenger tab. Though, there is no clear explanation yet.

A spokesperson from Facebook told The Verge, “Some individuals are seeing their older threads on Facebook. We are aware of it and actively working towards resolving it.” We regret the inconvenience caused to our users.

Some of the individuals have even shown their concern that this bug is popping the threads from the past that was forgotten a long ago. By the time users will personally go and delete the chat history, Messenger is capable of retaining the conversations even from long gone past. It can be an emotional ride for the people if they see the messages from their exes or loved once who are no more.

However, this is not the first time that an issue like this has popped accidently. Once upon a time in 2015, the social media giant has started popping painful memories of the people by using the callback feature referred to as On This Day.

However, this time, it is more like an issue with the code instead of just a mere human error. And, to be precise, a lot of people are complaining about the bug.

Recently, Facebook has been involved in a lot of news and various errands that the company is doing from its end. And among all these, an issue like this might not give a good impression about the company and possibly influence the user interaction and trust in the platform.