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Tim Cook Defends Google Deal In Spite Of Apple’s Focus On Privacy

Tim Cook (Apple CEO) has defended his firm’s agreement with Google, in spite of his earlier criticism of the search behemoth for its inconsiderate attitude toward consumer data. The comments, which were aired as fraction of an interview on HBO on Axios, came in response to Cook being questioned why he was calm taking billions from Google to make it default search engine for Apple, in spite of wanting to defend consumer privacy.

To reply this question, Cook emphasized the privacy and security standards that Apple develops unswervingly into its Safari browser while still permitting its consumers access to “the most excellent” search engine.

”I believe Google’s search engine is the finest. Look at what we have done with the controls we have developed in. We include private Internet browsing,” Cook claimed. “We have intelligent tracker avoidance. What we have attempted to do is come up with methods to assist our consumers via their course of the day. It is not an ideal thing. I would be the very first individual to state that. But it goes a long way to assisting,” Cook added.

On a related note, Cook is likely to praise new privacy rules from Europe. In addition to this, he is expected to voice the firm’s support for sturdy laws in the United States and Europe to defend the employment of data. Cook will define Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as an instance of how “good politics and policy will can join hands to defend everybody’s rights.”

Cook was also likely to support a widespread federal privacy rake in the United States. This is the most influential statement to date made by Apple. Concerns on how data is employed and how users can protect their personal data have come under the limelight lately following huge violations of data privacy comprising millions of social media and Internet consumers in the United States and Europe.