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Teens Are More Likely Trying Marijuana Before Cigarette And Alcohol

Earlier teens were trying alcohol first, followed by tobacco and then shift to marijuana. But as per a new study, now, marijuana has become the most popular doorway substance for the teens.

The trend has increased in not due to the fact that teens are consuming more cannabis then earlier. Rather, the change has been caused due to the fact that teens have reduced the amount of alcohol and smoking cigarettes; however, the amount of marijuana consumption is steady, as per Professor, Katherine M. Keyes, epidemiology, Columbia University, and co-author of the new research, published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal.

Keyes says, “As we have already seen the dramatic reduction in tobacco and alcohol, we haven’t experienced such dramatic declines in the number of marijuana, so now there is huge possibility that the next generation will start encountering drugs in the form of marijuana more often.”

The researchers found the results after analyzing 4 decades of data from American high school seniors. For an instance, in the year 1995, 3/4th of the seniors who were using both cigarettes and marijuana had started with cigarettes. By the year 2016, only 40% of them started off with a cigarette. In the current situation, less than 50% of teens began with alcohol & cigarette (combined) before marijuana.

There is a huge possibility, that this trend is going to rise more and more as marijuana is less stigmatized and there are many nations that are voting in favor of legalizing the drug. However, teens are not part of marijuana smoke cycle, even in the places where it is completely legal; it is not going to have a huge impact when cannabis is going to easily available at the local store at lower price.

In case the authorities will make the substance accessible and at a lower price, the number is certainly going to increase.