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Verizon Now Allows To Use Almost Five Numbers On Your Handset

Carrying various handsets for business and personal employments may be over for Verizon Wireless consumers. The firm declared this week that it is launching an app that permits consumers to add up almost 4 extra numbers to one handset.

The app is dubbed as My Numbers, and it can be installed from the Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. It has an extra $15 per month for every number, but that is considerably cheaper than buying a new handset for every number. The app sets up different text messaging and voicemail boxes for the various numbers too.

There are other applications such as Flyp, Burner, and Google Voice that have calmed some of the stress of the personal and business phones issues, but this is one of the first attempts from a chief carrier. Usually, using multiple numbers in the U.S. has been hard.

A couple of years ago, T-Mobile rolled out a similar same app dubbed as Digits that permitted users to employ up to 5 different numbers on their handsets. T-Mobile enabled users to make texts or calls anywhere if you have a smartphone with an Internet connection, which will also permit you to make phone calls using an iPad or send texts via laptop. Receivers of the texts and calls will see your regular phone number, and when they text or call the same number it will be accessible on any of your gadgets.

T-Mobile’s attempt was very much like the apps such as Skype, Google Voice, and Viber, which enables you to produce phone numbers that function across gadgets. The most noteworthy variation here is that T-Mobile uses your real phone number as conflicting to a secondary number. Given an added price, T-Mobile will enable you to get spare lines if you want more numbers.