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Amazon Offers Holiday Promotion For Its Customers On Christmas

CNN has reported that Amazon is uniquely offering its customers with zero shipping charges on all the orders to be placed on holidays. The reason behind launching a free shipping program by Amazon is to escalate sales for this year’s quarter and to attract new customers for Prime membership.

Since last year, Amazon has been providing free shipping to Non-Prime members with a purchase of minimum $25, but for this holiday season, Amazon is neglecting the condition of minimum purchase to claim free shipping and to make shopping for customers handier.

According to the forecast report given by the National Retail Foundation, Amazon’s holiday sales will rise by up to 4.8% as compared to the last holiday season.

Amazon has launched this holiday scheme to compete with its rivals such as Target, which is offering two-day shipping on all the orders without any extra charges from 1st November to 22nd December.

Amazon said that the free shipping promotion will provide millions of products to the customers without additional shipping charges. Walmart; Amazon’s equivalent e-commerce holder and a strong competitor has been providing 75 Million of products to the customers online.

As per the estimate by Wall Street experts, Amazon’s revenue prediction fell for the remaining year; so, the company has to push up the sales. The sales for the year’s last quarter have been expected amid $66.5 Billion and $72.5 Billion. Amazon did not declare specific time period for the promotion but announced that free shipping would be applicable to all the orders reaching on time for Christmas.

Though, Prime members are already getting free shipping over all the orders. Amazon is offering same-day delivery for 3 Million eligible items during holidays.

From the last few months, Amazon has widened its services over 60 cities to provide same-day delivery from items of Whole Foods for Prime members.