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PayPal Bans Tommy Robinson From Using Their Platform

Digital payments platform PayPal has announced that it has banned Tommy Robinson (former English Defense League leader) from its platform and it will not process payments on his behalf. The far-right activist’s comments on micro-blogging site Twitter has forced the site to block his account as it was said that he broke their “hateful conduct policy”. Speaking about PayPal’s action Mr. Robinson branded the action as “fascism” as he had been using the platform to collect donations for his party activities and legal battles for a long time. PayPal said that the action against Mr. Robinson was a part of the company’s policy, to ensure that, its account users engage in acceptable norms of business.

There have been several online petitions to finance firms urging them to sever links with him that have been signed by several thousand net-citizens. Papal declared that they do not take such decisions in a hurry and do rigorous checks and reviews before taking drastic steps. As a rule, PayPal has to strike the necessary balance between free expression and open discussion while protecting the principles of tolerance and respect for people of multiple races and religions. But Mr. Robinson said that these social platforms don’t like his viewpoints so want to silence him.

He accused PayPal of freezing his money that lay in his account for 180 days. During September it stopped processing payments for Robinson’s conspiracy theory site “Infowars” for promoting “hate and intolerance”. Mr. Robinson’s real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was jailed in May this year for “contempt of court” and the sentence of 13 months was quashed after it sparked a series of #freetommy protests and procedural concerns. Now his case has been referred to the attorney general. This prompted him to declare that “government and establishments know that I have public support and they can see that I can fight back”.