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Tesla Finds A New Replacement Of Elon Musk

Robyn Denholm will be the new face of Tesla and will be getting on board to replace Elon Musk. He currently works as a CFO of a telecommunications company which is based in Australia. Denholm had joined the board of Tesla in the year 2014 and now she will be taking over the position of Chairman. Before taking up the chair, she will be stepping down from the role of CFO and the strategy head of Telstra in the span of 6 months and will hold the chair of Tesla for full time. Denholm is also the member of the Audit committee of Tesla; she will also temporarily quit the position before taking up the main chair.

The decision was announced on Wednesday evening after Musk settled down the fraud charges over the securities which were filed by the SEC because of the objectionable Tweets made by the CEO of Tesla. The issue was however settled down against certain conditions laid down by the SEC. One of the main conditions forbade Elon Musk from holding the position of Chairman any longer. It also ordered the electric car manufacturer to appoint 2 new directors which will be working independently.

Musk was also forbidden to claim the position for coming 3 years and also ordered to form a new independent committee. Along with these penalties, some fine in terms of Money was also slapped over the company. After the announcement made by the company, Musk thanked Robyn Denholm in one of his tweets. Denholm has worked along with Toyota along with several other companies in the past. She has a work history of more than 7 years in the field of Financial Management. She has spent more than 2 decades in strategy, operations, and financial executive in Sun Microsystems.