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US’ Bird Launches The First Scooter Hiring Service In London

London has faced many transportation problems throughout the world. Bird, a startup thought of introducing electric scooter service which can help solve this problem, but the vehicle laws of UK can be a barrier for this. The US-based company Bird has planned to introduce the scooter hire scheme in capital first, as it has only received permission of doing this along with the single path of Olympic Park in east London.

It will be a trial service because, as UK head of Bird, Richard Corbett said: “The UK is the most highly restrictive and regulated market for such kind of things, globally.” This scooter runs with the highest speed of twenty-five km per hour, so they cannot run on roads as they are not high powered. Also, they cannot be allowed on public roads, as they cannot pass the MOT. But, the company has successfully managed to launch it on a private path by doing negotiations with the regulators. This service will be rented at £1 along with 20p/minute with the use of a smartphone app designed for Bird, while the scooter will automatically turn off if it gets off from the approved path.

Corbett while speaking with the Guardian said that this trial will mark the change in policy and regulations in the United Kingdom. The company has successfully launched the trail of the electric scooter which is a big milestone and they are proud of doing this first in the UK. The company will work with the Transport Department and regulators to design a policy framework which will allow electric scooters on the roads of UK. The company already launched this service in Belgium, France, Austria, Israel and other cities of the US, but it has to go through many restrictions by the city officials where other rivals like Skip, Spin, and Lime have a good foothold.