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The Sales Of Yeezy Are Great, Says Adidas

Many fans of sneakers and the industry watchers are looking out to see the growth of Yeezy, a collaboration between two brands Adidas & Kayne West. The CEO of Adidas, Kasper Rorsted looks likes he is not concerned about this. During the call today, Rorsted said that this brand highlights the performance of Adidas, which has increased the sales of Adidas with a growth of 76 percent in the e-commerce during this quarter.

The overall sales of Adidas grew by 8 percent from the last year, but it struggled with its sales in Western Europe. For the people who are watching this from outside, Yeezy label raised many questions lately. After the collaboration, many new styles had instant sellouts. The company has released stock with limited quantities thus making intense competition for people by forcing them to buy products at lower prices.

In September, as soon as Yeezy and Adidas released a large quantity of stock on their sites, the shoes were available in stock just for a week. About million shoe pairs of Boost 350 were sold for $220each. During the next sale, the Boost 700 shoe was unable to survive, so it was pulled out from the sale. The industry onlookers thought that massive volume of 350 has made people buy Yeezy sneaker, which killed the exclusivity for this brand and so the further sales were affected.

But, Rorsted announced that Yeezy sales have not been declined and they were almost above the expectations of the company. He called online drop as “flawless” during its execution. He said, the strategy for Yeezy brand will remain unchanged and they will do the same as they did it before. The company will create the scarcity of new launching, and it will increase the production at a right time to boost their sales, Rorsted said during a call.