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Google Is Testing New Feature Of Google Maps Reporting

During summer, the search engine begins testing out the reports just like Waze within Google Maps for various incidents like a vehicle crash. Now, it looks like the organization is creating the feature with all the recent reporting features of the Google Maps that several individuals are looking at.

 As per several Reddit users along with the Android Police Tipster, the Android devices Google Maps apps are testing out the alternatives of new reporting feature. Along with this, the application allows the users to track the speed traps along with the reporting of the crashed in between the process when it is in the navigation mode.

 Unluckily, it looks like an early and difficult test of this newly added feature. People that have the access note that the option of reporting only seen when the application is automatically pulled off the application interface.

In general, this has been done with similar reports that are already included, but it is yet not clear what exactly where the original information you are getting. It is expected that Google would include a button that allows the users to report these events to the interface as the feature will be rolled out on a global level.

As a part of the theory, including the features of Google Maps reporting is a great success even for the users. With these sorts of the huge user base, the data from various sources data would make the transport for everyone a lot less hectic and give Google Maps more information to work along with other features.

The people are hoping that we are going to see Google continue to look out for this feature and its capability over a few months. We are waiting to see people’s behavior when they experience this new feature as it goes live.