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Parkinson’s Disease Can Set Off From The Gastrointestinal Tract

The team of scientists from the Van Andel Research Institute, Michigan, has found a fool-proof theory that the gut, especially the appendix, tends to play an important role in the progression of the Parkinson’s disease. The lead scientists Viviane Labrie from the Center for Neurodegenerative Science has declared in a press teleconference that the removal of the appendix in some people reduces the chances of developing Parkinson’s disease.

The international team of scientists could practically prove that the cluster of proteins named “alpha-synuclein” present in the human appendix can be associated with the development of the disease. However, the current research is not encouraging the people to start getting their appendix removed but it just opens up new avenues for treatment enhancement. After the current discovery, the gastrointestinal-tract based therapies could possibly block the development and multiplication of alpha-synuclein clusters for the early, upcoming as well as a preventative cure for the disease. The scientists are trying to find the reasons whether the development of the disease is caused due to the genetic or environmental components.

The scientists are trying to get to the bottom of whether the gut can trigger the Parkinson’s disease. For the current study, the appendix’s role in the disease was thoroughly studied. According to the team, the shortened and misfolded alpha-synucleins present in the appendix are the ones generally found in Lewy bodies. These proteins can travel upwards via the nerve connecting the G.I. tract to the brain which can further lead to neurotoxic effects that are seen in Parkinson’s disease. This research proves that the development of the disease which is initiated outside of the brain can actually help find a new therapy.

The researchers from the Institute of Biotechnology plus Biomedicine (IBB) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona have found a molecule named SynuClean-D can interrupt the development of the alpha-synuclein amyloid fibers which commence the Parkinson’s disease, as well as reverse the neurodegeneration basis of the disease.