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Google Maps Gets More Informative Concerning Stations

Google Maps is at the moment under the process of undergoing a number of advancements so as to make the app a highly beneficial technology for each and every customer. Google is always at the edge of its seat when it comes to creating the best innovations or existing app update.

At the moment, the company has made it easy for the electric vehicles drivers to search for charging stations and save them some time. The electric vehicle makers have also given it a chance of building a station locator in the navigation systems. However, not every driver utilizes the factory satellite navigation systems and makes the situation favorable for the Google app. The drivers can type “EV charging” and “EV charging stations” in the search bar and the Google Maps will plate out all the nearby stations within a fraction of seconds. The app will have all the details regarding the plug availability, number, charging pace, and more so as to help the drivers decide. In addition, the user reviews, station information, applicability, and more links are also made available for the customers. This amazing feature is soon expected to roll out first and foremost for Android and iOS.

For now, the Google Maps compulsorily provides global data on Tesla and ChargePoint stations, however, the information on other stations will differ by regions. Likewise in the United States, the EVgo, SemaConnect, and Blink stations also do the same. For the U.K., the Chargemaster and Pod Point stations and for Australia as well as New Zealand the Chargefox stations are known to provide the necessary details. The drivers will have to keep themselves updated as the network of charging stations is growing. Right now, the manufacturers are trying to give a fence for consumers willing to give the electric vehicles a try.

Google has made the reviewing and deleting of the search activity easier within Google Search and has also made getting back to the current page quicker. The tools developed for the searching activity is expected to reach the Maps as well in the upcoming months. The internet search giant is planning to give the users more control over their history.