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US Government Reports Mercedes Owners Received Recall Notices Late

The U.S. government is inspecting Mercedes-Benz. The administration asserted that the German auto manufacturer has been slow to mail call-up notices and file reports, which involves recalls of over 1.4 Million automobiles.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) stated that a report founded that Mercedes’ US unit surpassed time limits for posting letters to owners. Recently, in documents posted on its website, the agency also reported that it has queries about the company’s operations and accent for doing recall decisions and informing the government administration about them. After a yearly audit of recall files, the agency also said that it has sent a letter to Mercedes citing a list of issues with 2017 recalls. The letter reported that this list contained numerous recalls in which Mercedes’ US failed to inform owners of vehicle recalls in the full 60 Days the company has beneath federal regulation. Robert Moran—company’s spokesman—told in a statement to the Associated Press that customer security is Mercedes’ major priority. The statement also said that “We make every attempt to make sure our recall campaigns and customer notices are carried out in a timely manner. We will function closely with the NHTSA on this audit issue to address its concerns.”

Recently, Mercedes was also in news for getting clear for running controversial wheel design. The Mexican Grand Prix stewards have agreed on Mercedes using its wheel rim design for the upcoming Formula 1 race weekend. Earlier, the stewards doubted that whether the air going through these holes and grooves breached the part that states “any particular part of the car affecting its aerodynamic activity should stay immobile concerning the sprung part of the car.” For safety side, Mercedes has determined its safest alternative was to adjust its wheel rims in the U.S. to make sure that the areas of disputation were addressed for past weekend’s race in which it tackled with rear tire management, but it also suffered other issues as well.