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Health Centric Ambition Of Amazon Shouldn’t Be Misjudged, Says Industry Veteran

Gary Gottlieb is well positioned to make out how tech companies are disrupting the medical sector.

A psychologist who was in training and earlier led Partners Healthcare in Boston, Gottlieb is presently a chief executive officer of Partners in Health, which emphasizes treating the world’s poor population around the globe. He is also a partner in venture capital company, Flare Capital Partners and is positioned in an advisory role.

He majorly focuses on how technology companies jump into space, where he invested his whole career.

“Their enthusiasm and curiosity in health are great,” Gottlieb said in an interview.

Gottlieb’s keenness is not shared by many of his colleagues who are doubtful of this kind of proposal Amazon and Apple are planning in the medical industry, from innovative medical equipment to delivering pharmacies.

CEO of Walgreens, Stefano Pessina summed up this position by explaining to analysts that Amazon offers many opportunities in the world and in other categories that are much easier than health. In other words, Amazon is likely to do many other things before plummeting into the intricate space of health.

But Amazon has shown that it can do multiple things at once and is not afraid to connect low-margin industries and established companies. Leaders in the health sector can no longer be dependent on intricacies, as the main obstruction to entry.

“This is a defense that health has used to explain why we did not create the kind of information technology improvements or solutions that you see in other industries such as banking and airlines,” said Gottlieb, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Spending in the healthcare sector in the US has spurred to $3.5 Trillion a year, and Gottlieb said there are innumerable failures that can affect technology companies that could add value.