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Scientists Test New Antibiotic That Tricks Bacteria

Scientists reveal that a brand new antibiotic has been engineered, which appears to be promising in the clinical trials that are early. Shionogi Inc. has made the drug, and this drug is known to act as the great Trojan horse from the Greek legend, by tricking bacteria to enter the horse.

Trials have been conducted on as many as 448 people, who were suffering from infections in the urinary tract or kidneys, and the drug proved to be equally effective like the current treatments.

According to the experts, these findings were a great and encouraging development. Iron is put to use for smuggling antibiotics into the bacteria. The leader of the research, Dr. Simon Portsmouth said that at times of acute infections, the immune system responses weakly, thereby creating an environment with poor iron. As a response, the bacteria tend to increase the iron intake.

Cefiderocol, which is the latest antibiotic, is known to bind to iron, and bacteria start transporting past all their defenses, and within their cells, which is a huge mistake that they make. Lancet Infectious Diseases journal has the result of this trial. Dr. Portsmouth said that Cefiderocol is not only safe but also tolerable.

This study is one of the rarest developments in this field. Since bacteria are starting to become resistant to bacteria, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get rid of a few infections. The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance predicted that almost ten million people will die by 2050, each year, due to drug-resistant infections. Professor Serge Mostowy, who hails from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, revealed that this study certainly hopes for the new antibiotic, but they have not reached that point yet. Larger trials will be required to ensure that the antibiotic is effective. People having pneumonia or those who have infections that are resistant to carbapenems, one of the most powerful drugs, are already under trial. However, as soon as Cefiderocol has been smuggled inside, it can kill bacteria in a similar manner, like the current antibiotics. Experts have said that these new antibiotics, which attack bacteria, are needed urgently.