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NASA Soon To End Its Efforts To Connect With Opportunity Mars Rover

NASA is expecting to end their efforts of contacting the Opportunity Mars rover. Due to a vigorous dust storm that occurred in Mars, it made Opportunity to go into the mode of low power due to the dust which has blocked it from the sun and thereby deprived it of the solar power. Mars has contacted Earth last on June 10.

According to the reports of September 11, the laboratory has revealed that there has been a decrease in the optical depth which can enable enough sunlight for generating power after reaching the rover. During this time there was an active listening where commands were transmitted to Rover to get a response in return.

It has now been one month that Opportunity has still not reciprocated to any of those commands and hence this session of active listening will end soon. Glaze who is the acting director of the NASA planetary division has revealed that they will keep on pinging Opportunity and the process will be carried for another two weeks.

This active listening session will be ended because they are planning on landing another spacecraft Insight on Mars during the month of November. They will now concentrate more on the landing of the Insight and ensure that all the orbital assets are properly focused.

They have made the statement where they have clearly said that they will wait for 45 days and  ]after this if they are not hearing back then they will consider that due to the dust that has caused sun blocking and Martin cold, it is more likely that Opportunity will not get restored anytime soon or ever. Martin code is one of the reasons why rover is getting too cold.

Glaze cleared that even if they are not pinging Opportunity actively still they haven’t given up on it. Still, now the pinging is continuous with the wake-up song every day.