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Chrome 70 Rivals Have To Buckle Up Owing To The Added New Features

The development of Chrome 69 by Google is an impressive update that totally changes the mobile and desktop interface. This brand new interface was a massive update but with the upcoming Chrome 70, there is no radical change as it just includes a few more novel features like supporting AV1 video codec plus TLS 1.3.

Google is always on the lookout for competing with the major players in order to make a technological difference in the market. The AV1 supporting Android or desktop operating systems will definitely take some time to achieve widespread use.  The savvy Window users have the progressive web apps that can help install apps not only on the phones but also the desktops. The addition of the functionalities of installing apps on the desktop is sure to stir the computational market. The company has come up with a new idea of including the shape detection API that is similar to the machine learning JavaScript libraries that earlier helped identify faces, barcodes, or text. The idea of introducing the object detection feature will help enhance the security as well privacy factor in the devices. The TLS 1.3 version aids secure data transfer over the Internet which in turn boost efficiency. The load times can now be handled with great ease using the transport layer security.

Chrome 70 makes use of the AppCache instead of the conventional non-HTTPS pages that its rivals use. The TouchID, speech synthesis API, Opus audio, WebUSB, Credential Management API, and more are some of the vital features that stand out in latest version due to the efficiency and security it provides compared to earlier commonly used operating systems. In comparison to the conventional method of time-consuming Google downloading apps, the APK download makes the process easier.

Google is back again with its Pixel 3 phone as an answer to its Apple’s range of new iPhones. For now, Google is currently ruling the market via its operating systems and plans on keeping its new smartphone as an under-the-radar contributor.