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NASA Hosts Event To Learn About Urban Air Mobility For Future Automation Development

Reportedly, NASA is hosting an event “Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge Industry Day.” This event would initiate from November 1, 2018, and is backed by NASA’s ARMD (Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate).

As defined by NASA, UAM (urban air mobility) is a safe and effective system for vehicles—whether they are piloted or not—to carry passengers and cargo across a city. Many companies presently are working toward developing vehicles and the infrastructure required creating UAM a reality. On the decades of extensive research for improving the aviation sector, NASA is associating with academia, industry, and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This teaming up is aimed to check the technologies and concepts necessary to aid move this industry forward. Including other things, new standardizations are required to make sure concepts such as electric propulsion, autonomous vehicles, and high-density airspace operations in and across the urban environment. This teamwork will also focus on the implementation of techniques safely and efficiently.

Reportedly, NASA was also in news for its collaboration with Uber to analyze and develop a safe and effective technique for future delivery drone and short passenger aircraft activities in full populated areas. The U.S. space agency said the aim of this pact with Uber is to discover technologies and ideas related to UAM (urban air mobility). The momentum is being considered optimistic, as Uber is trying to associate as closely as possible with the administration, as the company looks to create its flying taxi project to a reality. NASA stated that this agreement indicates the first to primarily work on in UAM operations. With this agreement, NASA asserts Uber will distribute its plans for an “urban aviation rideshare network” and the space agency will utilize simulation methods and airspace management computer modeling to evaluate the potential impact. Jaiwon Shin—NASA’s Associate Administrator for ARMD—reported in the release that NASA is eager to coordinate with Uber and others in the study to recognize the key challenges the UAM market is facing and discover necessary research to undertake those challenges.