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AWS Join Hands With NIH Cloud For Better Precision Medicine

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that it has tied up with National Institute of Health through its STRIDES program to leverage its cloud-based technology and make biomedical datasets easily available to researchers of healthcare and life-science. STRIDES is a government-sponsored project which aims to take the assistance of the private sector for making databanks of large data related to healthcare and medical science widely available across the world for research and analysis. NIH presently transmits medical data exceeding eight petabytes across its network every day as AWS states and while sharing of reliable data can be challenging, the issue can be sorted out by setting up a cloud-based platform which can enable collaboration between contributing parties.

AWS’s role in this initiative would be to host large genomic datasets with appropriate privacy controls that have both open and controlled access options. This innovative initiative will assist researchers to efficiently carry out and interpret sequencing and correlate molecular measurements related to health conditions and carry out research for new medical treatments. Researchers of NIH will also be able to use machine learning analytics from the STRIDES platform. When it had first announced the STRIDES program, NIH had mentioned that the platform would give researchers access to the most advanced and cost-effective computer-based infrastructure and tools available in the world.

The1st private technology firm to join the program was Google Cloud which helped to implement biomedical standards to make the data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable or (FAIR). AWS has also joined hands with companies like Accenture and Merck for development of collaborative cloud-based technology for speeding up innovation in research of drug development. Deloitte and Vineti are new entrants to this field that have recently joined to develop a cloud-hosted platform which will improve knowledge-based information channels to new cellular therapies. AWS’s Teresa Carlson said that the firm is committed to helping researchers of STRIDES with high-value NIH datasets that will enable them to enhance their research and prevent devastating diseases.